SLMsmart Switch: Consider the Consequences

In the first month of the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge, we are already seeing the beginnings of incredible transformations taking shape. Perhaps even more important than the physical transformations underway are the mental transformations that need to take place first. The first few weeks of the Challenge require a substantial yet attainable shift in the way the Challenger thinks and acts. Many of our Challengers are already getting the hang of altering their thought processes and increasing their mental toughness in order to make healthy decisions. We can learn a lot from them!

SLMsmart Challenger

When it comes to losing weight, pain is a must, according to Jarom, a contender in this year’s SLMsmart 90-day Challenge.

His ability to endure through this discomfort and pain comes from thinking about the detailed effects that sugar-loaded and generally unhealthy foods have on his body. Putting junk food into his body alters his mood, energy, and overall wellbeing. Sometimes, it makes him sick. Remembering this unpleasant feeling keeps him on the narrow path to success.

“When I decided to lose weight, I went off of sugar cold turkey and had the worst headache of my life when I did,” Jarom said. “I’ve never consumed alcohol, but flushing the sugars out of my body was like having a hangover. It’s a difficult process.”

Drinking 4-6 liters of water per day, combined with taking the products in Synergy’s Weight Management Elite Pack, were Jarom’s answers to sugar detox. By eating nutritious meals, working in daily exercise, incorporating Synergy products, and downing plenty of H2O, Jarom’s excess weight has been falling off.

“I constantly think about how I felt previous to this Challenge and how hard I’ve worked to get where I am now,” Jarom said. “When I think about or look at sugar or a pizza, I’m reminded of the anxiety I felt being overweight and the mental state I was in. That is the biggest motivator to keep going.”

Jarom likes to think about the consequences of his positive choices as well, including how he will feel when he reaches his goal weight. Imagining this triumphant moment makes choosing a salad over pizza easier than Jarom ever thought possible.



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