Elite Honors Spotlight: Scott Jacobs & Melanie O'Neill

With three Elite Honors qualification months behind us, Team Members are continuing to discover just how much is attainable when they set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified each month. Team Members who have qualified multiple months are seeing the fruits of their labors and some are going the extra mile by maintaining their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite promotion bonus.

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Scott Jacobs and Melanie O’Neill, a Silver team from Massachusetts, became Elite Honors Qualified for the first time in August after attending Business Builder Conference 2015 in Salt Lake City. Complementing each other perfectly, Scott is the face of the business while Melanie manages the back office and keeps operations running smoothly. Though Scott has an intensive full-time job, running his construction company, he still finds time in between tasks to make Synergy calls because helping people with Synergy products is an important part of his life. He is a firm believer that if you find something that is truly important you, you will make it happen.

“Even though I’m busy with my company, I still found time to become Elite Honors Qualified. This goal is very attainable. I’ve actually doubled the customer volume I needed to be Elite Honors Qualifed. What works for me is starting new customers out on SLMsmart Body Cleanse because it’s affordable and effective. This builds the customer’s belief in Synergy products and they almost always want to try more. I talk to most of my construction customers about Synergy. I just make it work. I’m always finding new ways to incorporate conversations about Synergy into my daily life. If you are really interested in a building a business, excuses will not work.

When you get a fresh start next month, just go for it. I love Elite Honors and Go Elite. It gives everyone incentive. These programs establish smaller, achievable goals, and when you have an achievable goal in front of you, your confidence will grow as you work toward it and achieve it. It’s an excellent tool in confidence building. And it’s OK if you don’t quite make it one month. You may be at the doorstep of reaching your goal but this will give you that much more incentive to qualify the next month.

Remember, everything takes time. You have to build belief in people and properly train them so that they will duplicate the Elite Honors model, and that’s the common denominator. Be patient and let your downline develop. This is not a get rich overnight model. This is long-term residual income.” 



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