Bart Woodcook Achieves Emerald

Bart Woodcook and his wife Alona at Legacy Retreat 2014
At one time, Bart Woodcook was putting in long hours, day after day, building custom closets and remodeling homes for successful Seattle residents. These days, Bart himself is the one reaping the rewards of success, traveling the world and enjoying a flexible schedule with his wife and family.

Synergy is proud to announce that Mr. Woodcook is the company's newest Emerald Executive Team Member. Since joining Synergy eight years ago, Bart has made tremendous strides in sharing the Synergy Advantage in North America and Europe. In fact, he and others leaders in his organization were instrumental in opening Synergy's European markets and in helping them to grow.

"We congratulate and recognize Bart on his achievement of Emerald Executive," said Synergy Vice President Stewart Rutter. "Bart Woodcook is one of the great networkers this company has ever seen as he has built dynamic organizations across multiple markets and continents. He understands the importance of building relationships based on the principles of trust, honesty and mutual respect. I can honestly say that Bart loves network marketing and is passionate to share that belief with everyone he comes in contact with. We are a better company for having Bart Woodcook as one of our top global leaders."

Watch the video below as Synergy Founder Dan Higginson offers his personal congratulations:



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