New Team Directors Recognized

Another highlight of the 2014 Business Builder Conference Recognition Evening was the chance to celebrate our four new Team Directors. It was just last month that both Ed Wertz and Brent Burnett advanced to this new rank, joining Lee Edwards and Dr. Jim Sandberg who became Team Directors in October of last year.

Each of these men were presented with Crystals from the Synergy Executive Team and given a chance to share a few words about their achievement. Each speech was filled with honest words of wisdom, effectively motivating and empowering every business builder in the crowd.

Each of these new Team Directors were treated to their own surprise: congratulatory videos that appeared on the big screens featuring thank-you's and messages from friends, family and teammates. To everyone who participated in making these videos we offer sincere thanks. These videos, which can be seen below, were a few of the many highlights of the evening.

Brent Burnett Recognition Video

Ed Wertz Recognition Video

Lee Edwards Recognition Video

Dr. Jim Sandberg Recognition Video

Stay tuned to Synergy Central for Business Builder Conference recap videos and photos! Coming soon!



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