Synergy Heading to Los Angeles

Good news for all those in the Los Angeles area: An outstanding lineup of successful leaders is coming your way April 3rd & 5th to present the Synergy Advantage and deliver an exclusive, impactful training.

  • Mark Comer, Double Presidential Executive
  • Bill Styles, Team Elite 
  • Dr. Jim Sandberg, Team Director
  • Lor Pace, Team Director
  • Howard Hannemann, Director of North America 
Each of these events are just over one week away! Mark them on your calendar, and be sure to let all of your California contacts know about this incredible opportunity. Note: space is limited for the Super Saturday event on April 5th. Click here to register today!

Open Opportunity Meeting - 7 PM
Join this powerful lineup of speakers as they discuss
the system being used around the world to help people increase both income and health. This FREE event is your chance to hear from those that have made it happen. Bring your guests and be sure not to miss this valuable, educational experience.

Super Saturday Elite Training Sessions - 9 AM - 5 PM
Attend this deep-level training from those that have created tremendous cash flow and residual income, complete with hands-on exercises and a game-changing set of tools. Be the first in the Los Angeles market to experience this impactful presentation from expert business builders and entrepreneurs. This event is a chance to learn the skills that can create a significant earning increase. Registration is only $25, includes lunch and seating is limited!

Click Here to Register for Super Saturday

Hilton Hotel, Woodland Hills/Los Angeles
6360 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Dr. Jim Sandberg - 1-800-537-5177 (ext. 231)
Synergy Customer Service - 801-769-7800

Author of the book Discoveries of an Accidental Guru, Mark Comer is a college dropout-turned-entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar annual income. He has traveled the world sharing his story, helping thousands of people develop strong business building methods and personal skills.

Join Mr. Comer and this powerful lineup of business owners and entrepeneurs on April 3rd and 5th for a dynamic, down-to-earth education proven to increase any income level.



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