Pics coming in from Global Summit 2013

If you couldn't make it to Seoul for the 2013 Synergy WorldWide Global Summit, have no fear! We'll be continually updating the blog with photos and stories. Be sure to visit the blog throughout the week for info and photos from the east.

UPDATE: To see photos from September 27, the first day of Gloabl Summit General Sessions, click here.

September 26: Though the first official sessions of the Global Summit don't start until tomorrow, Team Members and leaders spent the day touring the city, experiencing the culture and enjoying each other's company.

Traditional Korean landscaping and architecture are found throughout the city, interspersed throughout the modern conveniences and structures of the busy metropolis.
In the evening, Synergy hosted a VIP Reception for many of the Team Members throughout the world who have worked hard to build exemplary businesses and earn high ranks.
"We had entertainment by a group of women on various instruments playing some modern hits (electric string trio Violet, and fusion gugak (Korean traditional music) group name is Queen). Korea went out of their way to make sure this event is top notch and would be memorable for all attendees. Very warm welcome. We are looking forward to general sessions tomorrow." - Ryan Lindahl, Synergy WorldWide Creative Director


Synergy President Dan Norman speaks at the evening's VIP reception.

"We had a incredible buffet with cuisine from all over the world. Then we heard a wonderful introduction by Miriam Kim and Dan Norman. Bok Jong Kim was honored for hitting Presidential this month. Registration and the first general sessions start tomorrow, and we are really looking forward to it!" -Aaron McCain, Sr. Global Communications Manager

We've also collected a bunch of photos that were taken, uploaded and sent-in by many Summit attendees! View the album by clicking here!

 Keep checking the blog throughout this week as we continue to add photos and info!



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