November 2012 Recognition

Congratulations to the following leaders throughout the United States and Canada for their tremendous efforts in achieving new ranks and helping others build a Synergy business.

November 2012 Rank Advancements

Ed & Sandra Kerner

Omega S Ranch

Carol Williams
Roxanna Madsen
Charlotte Hostetler
Quantum Chiropractic
Charlie Iorg
Allie Turley

See the complete November 2012 Rank Advancement list on Pulse >>

November 2012 Top Recruiters
Team Members with the most personally sponsored tracking centers


Gwen Brown
Dr. Brent Kesler
Dr. Kevin Polzin
Dr. Stephen Estes
Joy Matwyshen


Supreme Nettea Inc Canada
Dr. Craig Wing
John Kikkert
Janice & Cliff Rosang
Elizabeth Driedger

November 2012 Top Team Builders
Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

North America

Joyce Valentine
Team Global, LLC
Cynthia Wiggins
Del Turley
Sandra L. Kerner
Janice & Cliff Rosang
Tito 21 LLC
Healthy & Fit
DAAG Investments
Nelson Hostetler

Autoship 100
Team Members with the most personally sponsored on Autoship 100

Gwen Brown
Jim & Rene'e Creasey
Gerri Bingham
Mark Comer
Rod & Anita Swift
Dane Iorg
Dwayne & Sandy Schmidek
John Hewlett
Linda Baldock
Judy Swanson

2013 Legacy Retreat Qualifiers
The 2013 Legacy Retreat will be held in Atlantis, Bahamas. Watch the promo video>>

Qualified Alumni

Dianne & Lorin Leavitt
Paul Blad
Rudy Pedroza
Dane Iorg
Mark Comer
Bart Woodcook
Marty & Heather Holker
Eric Glenn
John & Karen Hewlett

First-Time Qualifiers

Corrine Brandi
Mark Rosales
Jim & Rene'e Creasey



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