End of Summer Promotion

For a limited-time only, Synergy's bringing back all four of its most popular product promotions for an incredible End-of-Summer Promotion through August 31!

For the next 5 days, all Team Members and customers can take advantage of these amazing savings:

MAX FIT PACK - $79 / 50 CV 
$47.49 Savings!
SU76696 - 1 Max Protein, 1 NutriBurst, 2 Mistica

This was a huge hit back in January! Featuring Maximum Protein, NutriBurst, and 2 bottles of Mistica - these three products combine to make the perfect smoothie – while giving your body the boost it needs to maximize your day!

Use this simple recipe for a delicious and easy-to-make breakfast smoothie!

$67 Savings! 
SU76697 - 2 ProArgi-9+ Active

If you're involved in any level of physical activity, this is the promotion for you!

ProArgi-9+ Active comines l-arginine with quercetin and B-vitamins to give you the perfect boost for your workout while providing the needed nutrition for a smooth and quick recovery.

e9 PROMO - $69 / 60 CV 
$9 Savings! 
SU76695 - 2 e9

e9's exclusive high-energy, low-calorie formulation provides steady energy for hours. Anytime during the day when you need to be focused, alert, and energized, mix up an e9 and experience its fast, long-lasting energizing effect!

$162 Savings! 
SU76694- All Elemence & TriAction Products (see content list below)

Synergy's nutritional line has made your inner beauty radiant -- now it's time you let Synergy enhance your outer beauty with its Elemence & TriAction Skin Care Line.

Synergy's Elemence line & TriAction system combines natural ingredients with powerful technologies to ensure that your skin receives the essential elements of skin science.

Contents: 1 Elemence Cleansing Gel, 1 Elemence Hydrating Toner, 1 Elemence Bright Renewal Serum, 1 Elemence Repair Complex, 1 TriAction Eye Concentrate, 1 TriAction Skin Serum, 1 TriAction Skin Complex, 1 Elemence Total Body Wash, 1 Elemence Hand & Body Lotion


Take advantage of these tremendous savings by ordering today - you're only a phone call away!

Simply call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800.



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