Win Big with Facebook!

Like our Synergy Facebook page and refer your friends for a chance to win Synergy products, sales tools, and literature on a daily basis! 

Starting today and ending on Saturday, August 6, we'll be doing Facebook giveaways. Regardless of where you're from, you can have a chance to win!

How Do I Win?
Really, it's very simple! Complete the following steps to qualify for an entry in our daily Facebook drawing:

  1. Like our Synergy Facebook page (click the Like button at the top of the page)
  2. Get 5 friends to also Like our page - be sure to keep track - see next step!
  3. Email the list of 5 friends to
  4. Done!
Increase Your Chances!

For each additional five friends you refer, you will get an additional entry!

5 friends   =  1 entry
10 friends =  2 entries
15 friends =  3 entries

*Each multiple of five = one additional entry

Those who win can continue to participate the following day by completing the same steps with a new list of friends! Didn't win? No problem, your entries will carry over to the next day and qualify you for that day's drawing.

Don't settle though! Increase your chance to win by referring more friends and emailing your updated list to

At the start of each day we'll announce what the prize will be through the Synergy Facebook page.



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