A Historical Month for Synergy WorldWide

I want to congratulate all of you on an incredible month of success and achievement.

March was another very special month and will go down as the largest volume month in the history of North America! I am so excited to see the accomplishments and success of Team Members as we work together to share this company, our life changing products, and rewarding business opportunity with so many who are searching for something special.

It is a humbling experience to work closely with great leaders who are genuine and authentic in their efforts to enhance and promote health, wellness, and financial prosperity. We are seeing great success, not only because of our incredible message, but even more importantly, because of the quality of our messengers. If you want to see great results in your business, go find great messengers who attract and influence people to do great things.

I want to highlight a few incredible Team Members who have seen great results in their Synergy business. Bob and Kay Holker are true industry icons and have experienced success for decades. We are fortunate to have them as a big part of our Synergy family. Bob and Kay are our newest Pearl Executives and we want to recognize and thank them for their hard work, commitment, and great examples.

It is with great honor that we recognize our first-ever Team Elites from Canada, Dwayne and Sandy Schmidek. Dwayne and Sandy are two of the best people you will meet anywhere. They embody, in so many ways, what this company is all about. Dwayne receives a lot of the credit for his relentless work ethic, but I know how critical and important Sandy has been to the success of this great team as well.
Congratulations again to Bob and Kay and Dwayne and Sandy for their great accomplishments.

We also saw a number of new Team Directors rank advance last month and I want to recognize them as well. We have two new Team Directors from Canada.

Keith Hampton from Calgary has been a big part of our success in Canada. Keith is a true product of the product and does an incredible job of educating, training and promoting the benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus with everyone he comes in contact with.

Rob and Brenda Witty officially joined Synergy Worldwide on 1/1/11. In less than 90 days they have achieved the level of Team Director. We are grateful that we have become “home” for this incredible couple who add so much to value to our company.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to recognize one of the hardest working men in our company, Mr. Bill Styles. Bill has been a pillar of consistency and commitment from day one. Bill is a true team player and is willing to help anyone at any time. We want thank and recognize Bill for reaching Team Director in March.

We are fast approaching our April Open House and Recognition Evening where we will have the opportunity to celebrate the successes from the past 7 months in a very special way. Do yourself a favor and attend this event with as many of your team member’s as possible. I promise you will not be disappointed. These events often are the catalyst for many to become motivated, energized and engaged in building a Synergy business. There is nothing to replace the feeling that comes when you are surrounded by hundreds of people who believe and feel passionately about a cause the same way you do. I can’t wait to be with everyone April 29th.

Thank you for all you do to share our message with so many. Thanks you for being genuine and authentic in your approach to enhance and help. Most of all, thank you for being worthy messengers of a message that is giving so much hope to people who are in need.

All the best,




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