Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Last month, Synergy paid out over $3,000 in Title Plus bonuses. Congratulations to all those who earned their bonus last month!

Remember, by building on this momentum to maintain or reach new ranks you can earn matching bonuses, fourth month bonuses and compounding bonuses. For more information about the Title Plus promotion, click here.

Team Leader
The Synergy Project Llc 2x Achieved

The Synergy Project Llc 2x Achieved

Catharine Harvey 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
The Synergy Project Llc2x Achieved
Dr. Joshua Purcell
Vashti Williams
Winston Bell
Lindsey Henderson
Matthew O. Holder

Jerome Bell 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Matthew O. Holder 2x Achieved
The Synergy Project Llc 2x Achieved
Josh Butcher 2x Achieved
Jeremy Reeder 2x Achieved
R&D Global Llc
Dr. Jeremy Mckelroy
Emi Mizuguchi
Jeffrey Barrow
Henderson Neblett
Lindsey Henderson
Hayden R. Nielsen
Stevenson Sobers
Kelvin Thomas
Brandon Brenchley
Adam Nanney
James J. Knoll
Mike Nelson
Tyson Ehlers

Matthew O. Holder 3x Achieved
Hayden R. Nielsen 3x Achieved
Shani Rochelle Jones 3x Achieved
Stevenson Sobers 3x Achieved
Sandra Green 3x Achieved
Pamela Woollis 3x Achieved
Henry Mclucas 2x Achieved
Dr. Pierre Fey 2x Achieved
Kim Vincent Bagelman 2x Achieved
Deborah Scott 2x Achieved
Maxine Godfrey 2x Achieved
Nathan-christopher Edouard 2x Achieved
Angela Fletcher 2x Achieved
Kenville E. Holder 2x Achieved
Milton Edward Richards 2x Achieved
Kelvin Thomas 2x Achieved
The Synergy Project Llc 2x Achieved
Josh Butcher 2x Achieved
Jeremy Reeder 2x Achieved
Brian Kerbs
Patrick Owen
Nate Swanson
Jennifer Payne
Tuanhaumang Hatlangh
Robert Allen
Lisa Peachey
Djamila Fierek
Komi N Barrow
Terry Roland Neblett
Saintoria Thomas
Jared R. Wright
Vincent Adamson
Carol Barrow
Noel Richards
Robert Nielsen
Elmer Lapp
Randy Steen
Richard Evanson
Brandon Brenchley
Adam Nanney
Duane Straub
Joanne Haynes
James J. Knoll
Mike Nelson
Tyson Ehlers

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