How healthy is your heart?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have you ever wondered how well you are taking care of your heart? What effects are your daily habits having on your heart's long-term health?

A heart is at the center of every life. People who have healthy hearts may experience a higher quality of life than those who don’t. Those who take care of their hearts may experience benefits ranging from impressive athletic endurance and a lower risk of heart-related traumas.

There are several factors that contribute to good cardiovascular health. While your health is partially dependent upon genetics and family history, the choices you make regarding exercise, nutrition, health supplements and more, all play a role in maintaining a thriving heart, mind and body.

Now you can gauge how well you are taking care of your heart with the help of this quiz that we created.

After you’ve finished taking the quiz, do your friends and family a favor and send them the link! No matter your results, commit now to consider your heart—the hardest working organ in the body—in every health-related decision that you make. A healthy heart can be the key to a long, prosperous life. Protect it. 

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  1. Just took the Quiz and have started to share....

  2. I just took the quiz! Good stuff! Looking great at 58! love the ProArgi9... (and the fish oil, and the core greens, and the mistica... :-) )

  3. I have been using Synergy Products for over a year. At 73 I thought I was in pretty good health, nothing like being in great health. Took the How Healthy is Your Heart Quiz and received great results. Thanks

  4. I just took the quiz. I've been using Synergy products for a few years now and got great results on the quiz.Thank you Synergy!

  5. I take PA9 twice daily and have the artery health of a 17 year old (I just turned 56!)