Registration Opens January 6

Friday, December 12, 2014


The 2015 Kickoff Event will dramatically enhance your ability to grow a rewarding business. Be the first to get the inside scoop and benefit from an exciting Q1 promotion.

The Kickoff Event will take place Friday, January 23 through Saturday, January 24. The day to register for the event is Tuesday, January 6.

Seating is limited, and we expect to sell out very quickly. Be ready to register at 9 SHARP. Link will be posted soon on this blog, and on Synergy's Facebook page.

What to expect at the event?
  • New Product Launch
  • Cash & Prizes
  • Exciting 2015 Q1 Program
  • Guest speakers
  • Dynamic Format
  • Giveaways, samples and more!
Stay tuned for the registration link and more event info, and mark 9 AM, January 6 on your 2015 calendar!

When the event sells out... be sure to get on the waitlist if you missed it! Remember, our Customer Service agents will be ready to help you. Call 801 769-7800 to reach them!

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