Care to Share: Stan & Marilyn Hamilton

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"My name is Stan Hamilton and this is our story:

My wife, Marilyn and I have been using ProArgi-9+ (4 scoops per day) for about seven weeks now. Over the decades, we have spent thousands of dollars on various supplements, none of which resulted in any notable benefits, so we were really cautious about ProArgi-9+.

Within the first month, we began to gradually notice improvements with our own individual health issues. I'm 68 years old with multiple health concerns and within the first couple of weeks I started noticing I was becoming less stiff and sore in my daily activities. Prior to ProArgi-9+ I started thinking that soreness and stiffness was a normal part of aging! Marilyn has been dealing with poor circulation for years, which has required much attention by both herself and her doctors. To our surprise, her circulation has already started improving.

As a result of my health concerns, my poor circulation has resulted in numbness in my feet. Over the last three to four weeks, I have noticed that sensation is now returning. I have also noticed an enhanced sense of mental clarity and an overall improved feeling of well-being. I now no longer experience the pain that would often come when going for a walk, which prior to ProArgi-9+ had progressively gotten worse. My skin now looks and feels healthy and I feel like my blood is finally reaching every inch of my extremities.

Marilyn continues to notice significant improvement in her own circulation, as the need for medical intervention has now decreased. Her heart rate has greatly improved and she contributes these incredible benefits to ProArgi-9+.

We are completely convinced of the improvements we’ve experienced and are now optimistic about our future. After decades of searching, we have finally found a nutritional supplement that really works! We plan on using ProArgi-9+ for the rest of our lives and we look forward to the many more years to come."

Stan & Marilyn Hamilton

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  1. Wow! Stan and Marilyn, that is a Fantastic story! What's even better is that I know how "REALLY CAUTIOUS" you were in getting started with ProArgi-9+! It is SO wonderful seeing you both get these amazing results, just as our Team expected you would! We can hardly wait to help you as you bless others' lives with ProArgi-9+! Here's to a very bright future for you both! Thanks for sharing!

    Brian and Sara Holt

  2. Congratulations Stan and Marilyn are your life changing experiences with the PA-9+ Its great to have you as part of the Synergy family.


    Howie Hannemann

  3. Great testimony.
    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stan and Marilyn, it is with great joy to read about your health success. Your journey to bless other has begun you are now messengers of hope. I am glad to be part of your Synergy family. Be blessed beyond measure.