New Contact Information

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We are now in our new building and excitedly counting down the days and hours to our Grand Opening this Friday. With this move, we have new contact information. Please make note of these changes and direct all future contact with the US Corporate Office accordingly:

New Address:

Synergy Corporate Headquarters
1955 W Grove Parkway, Suite 100
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

We also have new fax numbers:

(Country Code +011)
Customer Service Fax: 801-443-3279
Compliance Fax: 801-443-3282


Exciting event took place in Victorville

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last weekend, over 200 Synergy Executives, leaders, Team Members, and associates gathered in Victorville, CA for a special meeting to discuss the benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus. Siva Arunasalam, MD, head of the High Desert Heart Institute, shared his enthusiasm for ProArgi-9 with the crowd and excited all in attendance. It was a phenomenal meeting that proved once again how great Synergy products are.

Siva Arunasalam, MD teaching about Nitric Oxide
Dan Higginson and Tyler Rippy presented Siva Arunasalam, MD with a plaque of gratitude for his studies.
Dr. Siva Arunasalam and Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast

The event brought in a packed house


Stewart's Executive Message

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team Members,

2009 was a monumental year for Synergy WorldWide. It will be remembered for so many things: the milestone celebration of a decade in business, an international gathering in Japan, new products, new programs, new markets, and the announcement of an expansion into a new corporate office. Along with these notable accomplishments, Synergy will remember 2009 as a year of international growth that resulted in the emergence of bright, gifted leaders across the globe.

One of our Team Members recently gave me a book that opened my eyes to the true meaning of a leader. The word “leader” is an Indo-European term derived from two words: the first part, l-e-a, means “path” and the second part, d-e-r, means finder. Therefore, a leader is literally a pathfinder, one who sees ahead and forges new pathways for themselves and others. Inevitably, however, before leaders can show others the path, they must first discover their own.

Synergy provides individuals with an avenue to become leaders of their businesses and teams as well as to develop leadership characteristics in other aspects of their lives. Throughout this past year, many Team Members rose up to the challenge of finding a new path and becoming leaders in their own right. Collectively, these new leaders, as well as abiding and future leaders, have lead to an exponential increase in momentum and a more driven focus for Synergy as a whole. The new paths of leadership that have been forged have brought about tremendous, quantifiable results, which ultimately equals thousands of changed lives.

The momentum is taking us to a very exciting time for our business – a time when we can make fresh commitments for accelerated performance on many levels. It is a time when we can focus our leadership efforts and create new pathways and opportunities to leave a legacy. There is so much to look forward to in 2010 and this is a significant season to be a part of Synergy.

On the not so distant horizon are elements that will greatly affect your business for the better. We will focus more than ever before on telling the story of real products that have real benefits. We are putting things in place to make ProArgi-9 Plus a household name all across the country as a product that is effective and powerful. There are upcoming events that will create great momentum and excitement. This weekend there is a special regional meeting in Victorville, California in conjunction with the High Desert Heart Institute focusing on the amazing benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus. Following that, we will play host to an international celebration at the Grand Opening of our new Corporate Headquarters. Team Members from around the world will be flying in for the occasion. Many of the leaders in attendance at the Grand Opening will leave directly from Salt Lake City to Costa Rica for the inaugural Legacy Retreat. In April, leaders will again gather in Utah for the spectacul ar Recognition Night that will honor our Team Members for their remarkable achievements. This event is taking place in a historic building that is the gem of the city and will be a spectacular night that includes dinner, entertainment, and good friends. Plan to take part in one or all of these meetings and you will gain great knowledge and personally sense the strength of Synergy.

Already in force is the 2010 Title Plus Promotion. We have set aside several thousand dollars to pay out this year with the intent to get cash back in the Team Member’s hands, help you increase activity levels, and get cash into the hands of your organization so they, too, can feel the benefits of our great products and business opportunity. Through the 2010 Title Plus Promotion we will effectuate positive change and give you well-earned bonuses. Learn as much as you can about the promo and help your team take advantage of the fantastic rewards available.

Many Team Members advanced rank during the month of December, setting a personal trend that can earn them rewards after continuous advancements. Congratulations to each of our advancing Team Members for your great achievements!

Zion Ventures LP


Dawn Norton
Danny Buhler


Shannon Hagel
North Star Plus Inc.
Kaelynn Rae Smestad
Ron Nilsson
Catherine A. Badger
Barbara A. & Dale Woods
Miriam Sedgwick
Mitch Johnson
Hans Kurpiela
Gretha Scholtens

All the key elements and factors are in line to do something spectacular with your business. As together we find paths of greatness and move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary, we will bless thousands of lives along the way which is the real mission of this company. This new year we are embarking on an incredible journey—a journey that allows you to find your own path and lead the way for so many others. I hope you can feel the excitement and momentum that is grasping Synergy now. Become more engaged than ever before, and I promise you won’t regret it.

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales


Synergy's Haiti Relief

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Synergy Family,

As you know, a catastrophic earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti on January 12, and it is estimated that as many as three million people may be affected.

A large-scale effort is underway to offer first-responder assistance as well as to establish ongoing rebuilding and support of basic needs. We are calling on the Synergy WorldWide family to consider contributing to this effort.

We are working through 5 Star Legacy Foundation to receive donations that will go directly to the Haiti Relief Fund. Please go to their Website to contribute:

You can also donate by calling 801-492-4845.

The money collected will be sent to responsible non-profit relief organizations including the American Red Cross and other agencies who are making an immediate impact toward relief efforts with little or no overhead.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dan Norman


Stewart’s New Year Address

Friday, January 08, 2010