Video Postcard from Cancun

Friday, March 21, 2014

Currently, the winners of the 2013 Top 50 Challenge are enjoying a Mexican beach in mid-80 degree weather. Synergy WorldWide is happily picking up the tab for each of them, plus their one invited guest. It is an honor to reward these determined business builders for what they achieved last year.

Remember, this year's Top 50 Challenge is going on now. Reservations and arrangements are in the works for a new vacation destination that will be announced very soon! Watch below as a few of your fellow Team Members encourage you from the shores of Cancun to set your sights on winning the 2014 Top 50 Challenge:

Along with the Top 50 Challenge, another one of this year's important promotions was mentioned by the wonderful Pamela Krajnik. She just earned her second consecutive Personal Activity Bonus (PAB), one of two monthly bonuses in the Activity Bonus Program. Not only is she earning extra cash, but Pamela is building correct habits and developing powerful network marketing skills.

Whenever a Team Member earns a monthly PAB and DAB (Duplication Activity Bonus), their potential for a skyrocketing Mega-Matched residual income significantly increases. Synergy WorldWide joins Pamela and others in encouraging you to earn these bonuses and set the foundation for limitless earnings.

Synergy WorldWide

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. It has been a fantastic time of fellowship with other distributors that truly desire to impact the lives of those we are blessed to work with. Thanks to Synergy for the gratitude and appreciation extended to us for providing such a great trip as incentive for building the business. I have pledged to myself that I will continue to work hard and qualify for the next Challenge in Cabo, Mexico and spread the word of health and wellness. Set your goals and mind to join me in Mexico in November.The best way to start this is to make sure you are registered for the Business Builder meeting upcoming May 9,10 in Utah.