MySynergy Sites Available at a Low Price.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The MySynergy websites are extremely powerful tools for growing your business in this digital age, and now is the best time to register your own.

Starting on February 15, 2013, all MySynergy websites will be upgraded with new user-friendly interfaces, increased functionality, social-media amplification tools and more. With these added features, the price of these personalized MySynergy sites will be $99 annually.

MySynergy Site Features Include:
  • Tutorials and instructional videos, teaching you the best ways to use your site.
  • Modern, impressive interface. A site you can be proud of.
  • Multimedia presentation tools, including videos, product information, images and more.
  • Easy-to-use invitation and recruiting tools.
  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Instant notifications, via text or email, when someone visits your site.
  • Product sampling programs.
  • Social media components for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Activation tools for easier onboarding of potential Team Members.
  • Lead collection tools to capture contact information of potential Team Members.
  • Two domains ( and
  • New: Free, powerful, Smartphone/Tablet App

Benefits include:
  • Business growth
  • Reach
  • Efficiency
  • Credibility
  • Convenience
  • Success

To register your own MySynergy site, login to Pulse and select MySynergy from the top menu.

Tour the Powerful MySynergy Sites by clicking here!


March Gold Camp 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Due to high demand and the great success of our Gold Camp held earlier this month, Synergy WorldWide is happy to announce that Gold Camp will held again on Saturday March 23, 2013. We invite all those Team Members who are invested in growing their business to join us at Synergy WorldWide headquarters for this event. Click here to register


2013 Business Builder Conference

Thursday, January 24, 2013

April 19 – 20, 2013

Attend the 2013 Business Builder Conference to create massive growth in your Synergy business!

Come witness the unveiling of a BRAND NEW Synergy product line that will double your Synergy business. Also be among the first to sample, purchase and share the latest and greatest Synergy has to offer!

Located at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Business Builder Conference will be filled with fun, training, and priceless business building wisdom that will leave you energized, motivated and with a clear vision of your personalized road-map to financial success.

Register Now - Space is Limited!

With registration starting at just $39/person, this event will fill quickly. Looking for a hotel? Coming with a spouse or business partner? Check out the registration options below, decide what meets your needs, and register today!
  • $39 - single registration
    • Conference registration for one (includes Saturday lunch)
  • $59 - double registration
    • Conference registration for two (includes Saturday lunch for two)
  • $199 - single registration w/hotel - $70.00 SAVINGS!
    • This ticket provides two nights hotel and accommodation at the South Point Hotel & Casino, single conference registration, and one Saturday lunch
  • $239 - double registration w/hotel - $110.00 SAVINGS!
    • This ticket provides two nights hotel and accommodation at the South Point Hotel & Casino, two conference registrations, and two Saturday lunches


2013 Elite Track Promotion Webinar

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In anticipation of a record-breaking 2013, Synergy proudly presents its newest promotion: The Synergy Elite Track. Featuring substantial cash bonuses, the Elite Track is centered on the business building activities that will drive Team Members to new levels of success and income.

Join us tomorrow for our live Webinar as Howard Hannemann, Synergy’s Director of Sales, explains how to maximize your earnings on the Elite Track.
  • Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013
  • Time:  7:00 PM, MST.
  • To Register for this free webinar click here.
Howard plans to expound on all the exciting details of the Elite Track promotion, including:


Recap: Successful Open House and Gold Camp

Monday, January 21, 2013

Synergy WorldWide hosted a very successful Open House and Gold Camp this last weekend. Some of our guests traveled long distances to tour the facilities, learn about the company and product, experience trainings and enjoy the weekend with Synergy. Even the chilly Utah winter weather didn't stop these folks as they smiled throughout the weekend and shared their energy with all of us. 

Friday's Open House started with a tour of the manufacturing facility in Spanish Fork, Utah. Two large groups were guided through the many departments, giving them the ability to ask questions, observe technology, and listen to the professionals about Synergy's commitment to quality.


They're Here! Grape ProArgi-9+ Single Serves

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The wait is over. Grape has joined the Single Serving Party, ready to mix into the water nearest you. 

Single Serve Packets are convenient. They’re easy to share and to pack in your pocket. For years, only Mixed Berry and Citrus Berry ProArgi-9+ have been available in Single Serve Packets, while patient, devoted Grape fans have only scooped and stirred.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Grape Single Serve Packets at a special price. Through January 31, you can enjoy two boxes of Grape Single Serve ProArgi-9+ Packets for the price of one. That’s two for $75 (50 CV).

Many of found that one of the greatest advantages of Single Serving Packets is that they are easy to share. Often we find friends that would like to sample ProArgi9+, taste the flavors and feel the healthy effects. Opportunities to share with these friends sometimes arise when we are on the go, far from the canister left in the kitchen. Having a few Single Serving Packets on hand provides the solution, as one can easily go from your pocket to their water bottle.

The benefits haven’t changed: Synergy’s Grape ProArgi9+, in any package, offers the purest ingredients to relax your blood vessels, increase healthy blood flow and support your immune system.

Grape has always been delicious. Now it’s convenient too.

Order online or Call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800 to place your order! 

Note: You will find this promotion online under the Cardio Health category > Grape Stick Packs. 


2013 Kick-Start Promotion

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Every New Year brings with it millions of resolutions to get active and enhance personal health.

Let Synergy help you in this effort with its new 2013 Kick-Start Promotion, a $100 / 70 CV product pack that will quench the appetite and give the body a tremendous boost of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

But hurry while it lasts, this promotion pack is only available through Thursday, January 31! Call Customer Service (801) 769-7800 or place your order online today. 

Note: You will find this promotion online listed in the Combo Packs category. 

Featuring Maximum Protein, NutriBurst, and Mistica – these three products combine to make the perfect smoothie – while giving your body the boost it needs to maximize your day!

Low Calories

Synergy‘s Max Fit recipe (see below) combines these three Synergy products with skim milk, strawberries, and blueberries for an energy-enhancing, immune-boosting smoothie to jump start to your day. The best part is it’s less than 500 calories!


Exclusive Tour with Lynda Hammons

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We're just days away from our Open House weekend and we can't wait to see all of you here. 

One unique aspect of our Open House program is the tour of our manufacturing facility. All who attend will get an in-depth look at what gives Synergy a competitive product advantage over other companies in the industry

We have arranged a special tour to be given by Lynda Hammons, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Lynda is a Certified Quality Engineer, Technician, and Auditor. She oversees our entire quality control process and is responsible for the ensuring that this quality is enforced in every aspect of our product manufacturing. 

Lynda will walk you through each of the quality assurance labs and detail the testing that happens within each of them. Once you complete the tour, your eyes will be open and you will truly understand what "high-quality supplements" really means and why Synergy stands above the rest. 


December 2012 Title Plus Earners

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 2012 Title Plus has officially come to an end, but not before many of you had a chance to earn significant cash rewards, iPads, free product, and much more! 

Remember to join the Corporate Update Call this week to see what's new for 2013. Learn more. 

With December being the final month, we ask that you join with us in congratulating those Team Members who pushed hard to build their business and qualify for Title Plus payout:


Big News for 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

This is a call you can't afford to miss! 

Tune in for this week's Corporate Update Call as Synergy's Executive team unveils the exciting details of what's to come in 2013.

Be among the first to get the details of all new promotions that will propel your business and fuel your success for this new year.

What's New In 2013 - Corporate Update Call
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 
Time: 6 pm PST| 7 pm MST| 8 pm CST| 9 pm EST
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#


December 2012 Recognition

Friday, January 11, 2013

Congratulations to the following leaders throughout the United States and Canada for their tremendous efforts in ending the year with a bang and helping others to build their Synergy business.

December 2012 Rank Advancement

Natasha Katwaru

Denys V Hull
Lac Marketing Manuals
Anita Thompson
Jerry L. Mace
Caron Barr
Kadi Strickenberger
Aaron Hinesley
Dr. Robban Sica
Louis Smith

See the complete December 2012 Rank Advancement list>>


January 2013 Executive Message

Friday, January 11, 2013

Though we’re a few days into 2013, I still feel the excitement of last year’s accomplishments. It was a phenomenal year for Synergy WorldWide and we have many reasons to celebrate.

From rank advancements to the amount of lives changed, this year was truly a record breaking year. You, our Team Members, are the reason for this incredible growth. I thank you for your passion, your dedication, and above all, how you represent Synergy in your part of the world.

In addition, we witnessed the rise of two Double Presidential Executives in Korea, Han Tae Hwang and Yoon Tae Hwang; and three new Presidential Executives, Young Ok Park of Korea, Scott Brumfield of North America, and Europe’s second-ever Presidential Executive, Mads Østvang of Norway. These tremendous achievements were accompanied by thousands of other rank advancements across all 25 of our international markets.

As great as 2012 was, I sincerely believe that 2013 will be even better.  This year we will introduce new products, promotions, and incentives to continue our momentum and increase our growth. Furthermore, we should all be focused on the Korea Global Summit in September. I have no doubt that it will be a life changing event for the company and field.

I want to wish all of our Synergy Team Members a happy New Year, and a prosperous 2013.


Dan Norman
President, Synergy Worldwide


The Science Behind Jean Valjean

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It was recently announced that actor Hugh Jackman has been nominated for an Academy Award as Lead Actor in the film Les Miserables. His portrayal of Jean ValJean, the prisoner-turned-hero of the musical has been heralded by many as the best performance of his career.

Anyone who sees Les Mis will quickly notice the extreme physical presence of Mr. Jackman. Not only does he sing through take-after-take (intense singing, as any vocalist will tell you, can be as strenuous and demanding as an hour at the gym), but Jackman also plays a character made strong by years of intensive labor, and had to look the part.

"Weirdly, this was almost more physical in a way than an 'X-Men' movie!" Jackman told Vulture. "I was spending even longer in the gym — like three hours in the gym — because I needed to be as emaciated as possible, but still keep muscle on for Jean Valjean."


Is Your State Healthy?

Monday, January 07, 2013

The United Health Foundation recently released the 2012 results of their annual "America's Health Ranking"study. The study looks at the overall health of each state and ranks them according to a variety of gathered statistics.

The study shows Vermont at the top of the  list of "healthiest states overall," with Hawaii coming in at second place. Mississippi and Louisiana are tied for 49th and rank last. 

You can also view the rankings of each state according to specific statistics. For example:

  • Colorado and Utah are ranked #1 and #2 for physical activity.
  • Massachusetts is first place in blood cholesterol checks.
  • Colorado is the least obese state.
  • Hawaii has fewer preventable hospitalizations than the other 49 states.
The lists go on and on, and they are each incredibly interesting. To view where your state ranks according to any given statistic, visit the official America's Health Rankings website.

Synergy WorldWide is happy to manufacture products to help any state rise up in the rankings. Our products promote a healthy and active lifestyle, enhance cardiovascular output, and stimulate the immune system for anyone in any state. 

Remember, the best way to help your state grow healthier is to start with yourself. The next step: Spread the love! An epidemic of healthy Americans just may start with you. 


January Cardio Call with Dr. Keller

Friday, January 04, 2013

Join Dr. William J. Keller, Ph.D., and Synergy WorldWide for our monthly Cardio Call on Wednesday, January 23 as the benefits and science behind ProArgi-9+ are explored.

Live Cardio Call with Dr. Keller
Wednesday, January 23
Time: 7:00 PM MDT
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#

The monthly Synergy Cardio Call usually take place on the second Wednesday of every month. However, this month we've had to make an exception. We hope you'll be able to join us on the evening of January 23rd to learn more about the benefits and science behind ProArgi9+ and the best ways to begin 2013.

About Dr. William J. Keller

As a member of Synergy's Medical & Scientific Advisory Board and Vice President of Health Sciences at NSP, Dr. Keller and his dedicated team of scientists and researchers were primary contributors to the formulation of ProArgi-9+. Synergy WorldWide works closely with Dr. Keller and his staff in the ongoing research for formulation enhancements as well as in the research of new products.


January Open House with Dr. Keller

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Join Dr. William J. Keller, PhD and Synergy WorldWide for this month's Open House on Friday, January 18.

All attendees will have an opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility and corporate office, meet Synergy's executive team, be trained by an experienced and successful Team Member leader, and be educated by Vice President of Health Science, Dr. William J. Keller.

At 1:00 p.m. the Open House begins with a tour of our manufacturing facility located in Spanish Fork, UT. Here you will get a firsthand look at the step-by-step manufacturing process behind Synergy's incredible products.

Following the tour, the afternoon will be filled with information to help you and your guests understand the Synergy Advantage from a company, product, and opportunity standpoint.

Click here for a detailed Open House agenda >>


Synergy Gold Camp - Register Today!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

On Saturday, January 19, in conjunction with Synergy's January Open House, we will be hosting a Gold Camp for all qualified Team Members to attend.

Gold Camp agenda will be as follows:

8:30 AM: Registration & Breakfast
9:00 AM: Gold Camp Part 1
12:30 PM: Catered Lunch
1:30 PM: Gold Camp Part 2
5:00 PM: Gold Camp Wrap Up

*Gold Camp will be held at Synergy WorldWide headquarters.

This exclusive training will teach Team Members how to leverage the Mega-Match Compensation Plan by becoming the perfect sponsor. Now that your business is growing, it's important that you understand how to give your team the level of support they need to be successful.

The cost of registration is $20/person and includes the following:

Leadership Training
Gold Camp Training Materials
Catered Breakfast and Lunch

You will be responsible for personal travel and accommodations, and we will provide you with exclusive and highly valuable training to assist you as you build up a solid business. We invite all Team Members who are invested in building their Synergy business to join us for our Gold Camp on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Click here or call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800 and register today!


The Truth About Synergy WorldWide

Wednesday, January 02, 2013